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Vampz caldwell strikes again w/ art of jug

urbanopolis podcast first ever epsde

Vampz HL3: The Last Album Under CdBaby 

We had the chance to sit down with Vampz in New Orleans for an interview to discuss his latest album releasing in January 2022. Along with all the Mary J that was consumed we still managed to have a pretty good interview all in all. We discussed everything from Higher living 1 to the recently failed business venture in Lineville AL. See more details below.....

Interview Done by Ryan Chiznik @Urbanopolis on Ig 

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Vampz Hints at Higher Living 3 in January 2022! 

Vampz drops Higher Living 3 in January 2022! Available on all digital platforms and in target & Walmart in select cities!

Artwork by: Tyra Grayson (TGD)
Engineered:  by PhilGoodMediaCo’ 

Executive Produced by: Vampz Caldwell


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