Vampz HL3: The Last Album Under CdBaby

We had the chance to sit down with Vampz in New Orleans for an interview to discuss his latest album releasing in January 2022. Along with all the Mary J that was consumed we still managed to have a pretty good interview all in all. We discussed everything from Higher living 1 to the recently failed business venture in Lineville AL. See more details below.....

Interview Done by Ryan Chiznik @Urbanopolis on Ig 



How did you get to this point?

(Vampzs' Response - " Consistency, Name of the game is longevity and i've always wanted my sound to exist and be around in times of Good and Bad."



The Higher living series started in my Grandma house in Lineville AL, back in 2018. Coming off a peak of my career at the time Having to respond with the same energy. The previous year I shot a video with @CityVizuals that blew up to over 200k views before being taken down with the track being monetized on all digital platforms receiving a certified gold plaque to symbolize it all my son was born the same year. I'd say the Higher living couldn't of came at a better time. The first cover was designed and created by Trey Groce of #BigHomieEnt also from Alabama. 


Higher Living 2 was constructed during Q3 of the same year giving the sequel the same year with my West coast hit "Shot to the top" It was designed by the same graphic designer. Big Shoutout to Winners Circle Management for helping me put together all 3 of these projects


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Higher Living 3 is something completely different with the entire Album been mix and mastered by PhilJ of PhilGoodMediaCo and graphic designed by @Tyra Grayson Mixes include :

Lie 4 You: Chris Voice of PowerHouse studios (Oxford AL)

Geo- Location: Lamarcus J RBG A1 Studios   (Birmingham AL)

Everything else

Phillip Jordan: Phill Good Media (Atlanta GA,)